|as_uni_form filter


Django-uni-form provides a filter called as_uni_form, that lets you render a form or formset using django-uni-form elegantly div based fields. The steps are simple:

  1. Add {% load uni_form_tags %} to the template.

  2. Append the as_uni_form filter to your form:

    {{ my_form|as_uni_form }}
  3. Add the class of ‘uniForm’ to your form. Example:

    <form action="" method="post" class="uniForm">
  4. Refresh and enjoy!

To see this more clearly, let’s see a formset example all together:

{% load uni_form_tags %}

<form method="post" class="uniForm">
    {{ my_formset|as_uni_form }}


In the beginning, this was 100% of the original implementation of this project.

Using {% uni_form %} tag because it rocks

As handy as the as_uni_form filter is, the real advantage of this library are the {% uni_form %} tag. They will change how you do forms in Django.

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